Adam Matlow

Husband, father, author, devourer of cake

Dark Sentinel

Marcus was the sort of person who liked to stay out of trouble. The problem was, trouble usually had a habit of finding him. One hundred years after an asteroid impact all but wiped out humanity, the few remaining survivors are facing a new threat - the sudden and unexpected rise of a powerful warlord, and his army of loyal soldiers - the Legion.

Whilst on an errand for a friend in the radioactive wastelands between settlements, Marcus crosses paths with an enigmatic girl, hunted by the Legion. She seems to hold the key to the origins of the warlord, and is on a mission that could determine the fate of the world.

Together they must work to stay one step ahead of the Legion, and will discover that sometimes, history has a habit of repeating itself.


Who is this 'Matlow' chap anyway?

Adam Matlow is an indie author, with delusions of grandeur. He's currently working the follow up to his first novel: "Dark Sentinel". He lives in England with his wife, two boys and multiple cats and works full time as a software developer. When he's not busy breaking code, or tripping over cats, he likes to visit the archery range, where he misses targets with surprising consistency. And after all that, if he has any time left at all, he likes to spend it sobbing over a keyboard, trying to write.

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