Adam Matlow

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Adam Matlow is an indie author, with delusions of grandeur. He's currently working the follow up to his first novel, "Dark Sentinel".

He lives in England with his wife, two boys and multiple cats and works full time as a software developer. When he's not busy breaking code, or tripping over cats, he likes to visit the archery range, where he misses targets with surprising consistency. And after all that, if he has any time left at all, he likes to spend it sobbing over a keyboard, trying to write.

Dark Sentinel

Marcus doesn't know why the Legion is chasing the girl through the radioactive wastelands between settlements, but when they cross paths, he feels compelled to help ...

post-apocolyptic sci-fi

The Man On The Mountain

A primitive man discovers someone unusual on his mountain, but is he friend or foe?

A short story written as a writing prompt, and free to download

sci-fi short-story free

In Progress: (Book 2)

Continuing from where we left off, Marcus just wants to go home. But fate conspires against him, with every step taking him further and further away. Soon, the real reason behind the existance of the Sentinels becomes clear and Marcus's previous actions have unleashed a force unlike anything that has come before.

... and they cannot be stopped

post-apocolyptic sci-fi


Brin has spent his entire life locked within the city walls. What lays beyond them, nobody knows. Or at least, nobody is saying. Leaving the city is impossible; nobody in living memory has managed it. But a unquenchable need to find out drives Brin to try.


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Adam can be hard to find, as he likes to hide in dark places, only coming out at night for food. Very much like some kind of burrowing animal. Luckily, unlike most burrowing animals, Adam has access to the internet. So if all else fails, you can always find him here.
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